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Updated Dec 26 2014

Why is not being updated regularly?

Do you ever wonder why so many new users end up spamming?
How do they send out so much mail without any programming skill?
Where do they get the addresses from?
The answer is that there are many sites on the web willing to sell spamming resources to gullible newcomers.

The lists below are all the sites we know of which do one or more of the following things:

Further information about this site and what we do is in the FAQ

See the main list of 310 live spamware sites and the list of 7607 dead/reformed sites.
There are both framed and frameless indices of ISP's with 10 or more entries.

Current kill rate is: 96.1%

When reporting new sites please check the checklist of all known sites first.

The list of IP addresses of live sites over 14 days old is picked up by various blocklists.

Other useful links and resources: Due to (failed) efforts by spammers to try to shut us down is mirrored in various places.
If you would like to donate to help the cause then please mail . You will be listed below with our other supporters:

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