Why is spamsites.org not being updated regularly?

I've come to the conclusion that although the spamsites.org site has killed thousands of spamware and spam service sites in the last 5 years it is running to stand still. Spamware is easy to find on the net, spam service sites abound and too many ISP's don't care what their customers sell.

When I started the site the site maintainers naively thought that almost all ISP's would kick spamware sites off as soon as they found out about them. The reasoning being that spammers are ruining the very medium that the ISP's rely of for their income i.e. the net. Many ISP's did take that attitude, but not all.

Too many ISP's only look at short term profits and so protect the spam support sites until they find their normal customers are losing E-mail because of the blocklists. At that point they first demand to be taken off, then eventually they reluctantly kick the spam service provider off to get de-listed.

Do you know what the most common argument from an ISP is? They say their customer isn't spamming directly. The fact that the web site they are hosting is selling E-mail harvesters, header forging spamware and millions of innocent users E-mail addresses doesn't seem to figure. Their excuse for keeping the web site alive is that their customer isn't spamming directly.

For a site like spamsites.org to work the ISP's have to kick the spamware sites off as soon as they hear about them. If the ISP's had done that with spammers and spam support sites from the start we would not be in the position where over 60% of E-mail is now spam.

For now I'm putting the maintenance of the spamsites.org web site and the blocklist on a back-burner so it will only be rarely updated. It may be re-started in the future if I can find full time funding or if a widely used blocklist becomes willing to import the spamsites.org blocklist (so the leverage increases) or if the site becomes useful to law enforcement agencies hunting the spammer scum who are ruining the net for everyone.

For now I'm working on other projects such as Sapient whitelisting

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed their time and effort to spamsites.org and to the many ISP's who did kick of the spam support sites when they found out about them.