ISP corporate information

ISP corporate information

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Many of these ISP's are actually public companies, owned by people who hate spam as much as you do. In fact, if you have investments such as mutual funds or retirement accounts, your OWN MONEY may be funding the ISP hosting your most hated spammer!

Many times the people who run the large company are far removed from the day to day workings of the organization. They are totally unaware of the harm that a reputation for hosting spammers can have on the corporate image, internet connectivity and then on their stock price.

The pages for each ISP lists information about that ISP and has links to a company profile and to the current share quote. At the bottom of that webpage, at this share quote link, is a way for you to cast a vote as to your opinion of the "prospects" for each company. This will be seen by others who may be thinking of investing their own hard earned money by buying shares.

Also listed are press and investor relations contacts for most of the publicly traded companies. At times, these folks can do much to assist in cleaning the corporation's image by showing the door to the spamware vendors they may be hosting.

Hopefully providing full pictures of these corporate spamware vendor hosting ISP's will give you ideas for further LARTing pathways; corporate info and public relations newsgroups, investor relations contacts, stock chat boards, etc. If not overused, these pathways can be used to terminate the more stubborn abusers.

Please note that these pages are intended to be a factual information source. Lies, flames or personal details will not be added to these pages intentionally. Errors will be corrected as soon as soon as we can after we are informed about them.

Hat blackness is a rough value worked out by comparing the number of live and dead/reformed sites an ISP has. The whiter the hat the less likely they are to be tolerant of spammers.

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