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St Simon Stylites Primary School
Alma Gardens, Barchester BA1 1AB

Tel: 01234 567890  Fax: 01234 567899
E-mail: secretary@stsimon.barsetshire.sch.uk


Information for Parents and Guardians

This page brings together brief details of other information of interest to parents and guardians:

  • School policies
  • Uniform and kit
  • The Governing Body
  • The Parents, Teachers and Friends Association
  • SATS and Inspections

Our School Policies


The Staff and Governing Body of the school have developed a number of policies. These and other documents can be e-mailed to you by request from the School Secretary (please see our Contact Us section):l.

Anti-Bullying Policy

Bullying of any kind is unacceptable at our school, and we are committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all of our pupils. Read this policy for full information on how we handle bullying at St Simons.

Behaviour Policy

Read our full policy which was drawn up by the Headteacher, staff and governing body, and explains the general standard of behaviour expected in our school.

Home/School Commitment

This document details the commitment the school gives to each of our pupils, and the return commitment expected from our parents. It also includes information about Homework, and how parents and guardians can help.

Use of Internet Policy

Read our policy, which is intended to set out simple rules for the use of the Internet within our school.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

This document describes our approach to provision for children with special needs.

Safe Use of Computers

Read our general guidelines for the safe use of computers within St Simon Stylites


Uniform and Kit


Uniform and Kit

Wearing the uniform to school is encouraged. The familiar red sweatshirt and T-shirts with the school logo can be purchased from school. Your child will also need these, which are available at reasonable prices from local outfitters:

  • White shirt or white with red patterning.
  • Grey skirt or trousers.
  • Tights - plain grey, blue, white or black
  • Socks - plain grey, blue, white or black
  • Plain white shorts.
  • Plimsolls or trainers for PE and games.
  • Boots and shin pads for football (not infants ).
  • Towel and bathing trunks/costume for swimming.

Summer Option:

  • Grey shorts/red gingham school dress.



Our Governing Body

What the Governing Body does

Governors make decisions about how the school is run. They meet once a term at school.

Governors have legal duties, powers and responsibilities. They can only act together, they cannot act individually.

School Governors are:

  • Parents
  • Teachers at school
  • Local Council representatives
  • Community representatives, business men and women.

Parent Governors:

  • Have a child in school
  • Are elected by parents of the school
  • Serve as other Governors, for four years

Anyone wishing to become a Governor should ask the Headteacher for details.


Reports and consultations

Our Governors have agreed that minutes of their meetings should be made open. These and other documents can be e-mailed to you by request from the School Secretary (please see our Contact Us section):

  • Constitution
  • Minutes of recent meetings
  • Guidelines for parking to deliver children to school
  • Representation to Barsetshire and Wessex Constabulary for a traffic light crossing on the A666 adjacent to St Simon Stylites
  • Revision of the School Uniform: consultative document
  • Draft Anti-Racism policy document





The Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA) was formed to provide a link between the school and its staff, and the parents of pupils at the school and with members of our community.

Over the years, the PTFA has organised many fundraising events, including fêtes, car washes and Bring and Buy sales. The staff and parents have regular meetings to ascertain the school's needs, set targets and discuss fundraising ideas.

One of the biggest projects in the recent past was to provide play equipment on the school field. Ongoing fund-raisers include the sale of plants, school bags and a Christmas catalogue.For the past three years, the parents of the school have organised a Christmas dinner for the staff, pupils and Governors of the school, and this has proved extremely popular.

It has recently come to our attention that if we become The Friends of St Simon Stylites then we may qualify for outside funding, and this is currently being investigated.

All parents are welcome to attend the meetings, and are encouraged to help join in with fundraising events. This helps to keep up the community spirit at the school, and always seems to be good fun for all.




SATS and Inspections


SATs Results for 2002

The results at Key Stage 1 & 2 were again very pleasing this year.

At Key stage 1 we had 9 children taking the tests. We had 100% success at Level 2 or above in English, Maths and Science.

At Key Stage 2 we had 13 children taking the tests and therefore these results will be published this year. Of the 13 children there were 3 on our Special Needs Register. The results were as follows:


  • 92% Level 4 or above
  • 61% Level 5


  • 85% Level 4 or above
  • 46% Level 5


  • 92% Level 4 or above
  • 53% Level 5

Both the children and staff worked hard to achieve these results, which are above both LEA and National Results. Official statistics for 2002, as published by the Department for Education and Skills on their web site, can be read here.

School Inspection Summary Report

Our last Ofsted Inspection was held in February 1998, and the full report is available below for you to read. Please note that you will need Acrobat Reader to access this report: (Ofsted Report Feb 1998 (110Kb))

The report draws attention to the following:

  • By the ages of 7 and 11, attainment in English, Mathematics and Science is above the national expectations.
  • Teachers and other staff have high expectations of work and behaviour and pupils respond very well to these challenges.
  • In all classes, features of excellent and very good teaching include the enthusiasm and rigour with which the teachers present knowledge to challenge and motivate pupils.
  • Provision for children with special educational needs is very good.


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